Sliding Spindle

The sliding spindle bears more importance, than what meets the eye, not only does it determine the stylus penetration depth, but also the squaring of the head. Therefore, its perpendicularity from the flat to the threads is very important. Also, a good seating of the threads to the collet is mandatory. Remember, a one "quarter" of one micron move translates to 1 micron difference in dq. An improper sliding shoe will cause ribbon imbalance, as well as cell distortion.

Perpendicularity 5 min of arc or less

Contact surface diameter + one thousands

Bevel 1.5 percent

30 percent nose

Reflectivity, clear

Concentricity 2 marks in your scope or less

If properly maintained, lasts for years and years

We use long, clean, natural diamonds from DeBeers


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